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Aug. 5th, 2014

butterfly, fractal

Junior High AU Part II

Title: Junior High AU Part II
Fandom:  Super Junior
Pairings:  Siwon/Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook
Rating: G-PG
Disclaimer:  They aren't mine.
Summary:  Siwon and Kyuhyun's encounters in Junior High
Word Count: 1576

The second time the two boys were brought together was in the library a few months later in the summer.


Siwon was looking up a book for his history paper when he saw Kyuhyun sitting at one of the tables studying. Excitedly, he went up to the younger boy and greeted him.

"Hey Kyuhyun-ssi! How are you?" Siwon inquired.

Kyuhyun once again was startled by the presence of this particular senior and hastily stood up and bowed,

"Good afternoon, Sunbae-nim. I'm fine and you? Are you here for studying too?" the young boy asked.

Siwon was a little put out with the formal tone of the younger boy for some reason he couldn't explain.  He didn't want to have such a formal relationship, so he vowed to get closer to the young vocalist.

"Yes, I'm looking for a book for my history class and you..." Siwon trailed off when he noticed the books scattered on the desk in front of Kyuhyun. They were advanced math books that even Siwon with his good grades hadn't seen before. "Wow..Kyuhyun-ssi, what's this? What are you studying?" He marveled as he sat himself down at the table.

Kyuhyun who was still standing was a bit amazed at the older boys temerity and forwardness but that had been explained by his Yesung hyung. Siwon wasn't being rude, he was just really friendly. So Kyuhyun told him about how he was very good at math and was able to do advance mathematics. Since Kyuhyun was only remarkable at math only, he couldn't advance grades, so he took special math classes.

"You're really amazing Kyuhyun-ssi! To be able to do that and sing the way you do is really amazing." Siwon praised.

Kyuhyun blushed a deep red and tried to be humble. "No, Sunbae-nim..it's nothing really..I'm not that good at singing anyways..it's just something to kill time..." he said embarrassingly.

Siwon thought the boy couldn't be any cuter after the blush. 'What a really cute kid,' he thought to himself. The younger boy's head was bowed and he was chewing on his lip. Siwon really wanted to be friends with this cute boy.

"Well, you're obviously really good at math, and anyone would be an idiot to say you're bad at singing. Anyways, you don't have to call me 'sunbae-nim'. You should call me hyung!"

Ah..yes sun..I mean Siwon hyung.” Kyuhyun blushed again but gave a small smile while looking at his very forward hyung.

Siwon was so enamored of the cuteness that he just kept staring at Kyuhyun. Finally he snapped out of it and asked Kyuhyun what he should call him.

So what do want to be called? What do your friends usually call you?”

My friends call me Kyu..” he trailed off into his lower register so that Siwon could barely hear. Siwon was not aware of it, but Kyuhyun had noticed that the other few students had noticed the Class President sitting with Kyuhyun and talking to him. Kyuhyun was sure that this would probably be part of the rumor mill tomorrow, but Siwon hyung was nice to him and even had praised his singing, which no one but Wookie and Yesung hyung had done. So it made him a very happy boy. A very happy blushing boy.

Kyu..hmmm...I think Kyunnie sounds better, don't you? Hahaha...that's cuter and suits you more.” Siwon replied and smiled so big that two dimples appeared on his face.

Kyuhyun was a bit shocked to see such deep dimples on a human being. 'Does this hyung's looks have no limit?' he thought to himself. After this thought, he finally realized what this new hyung of his just said said and he was indignant.

Wait, no it doesn't! I'm 12 now Siwon hyung, so it's Kyu,” he stated adamantly while standing up.

The denial was even cuter in Siwon's eyes so the oblivious boy grabbed his things and told his “Kyunnie” that he would see him later. He walked off while waving to Kyuhyun as the boy stood there, mouth agape, at this ridiculous hyung of his. 'Kyunnie? Seriously?' thought the younger. “Aishh” his said to himself, a grumpy expression on his face.


The next afternoon, Siwon headed to the choir room to see if the boys would be there and sure enough they were.

Good afternoon, Yesung-ssi, Ryeowook-ssi and Kyunnie!” greeted the happy Siwon.

The new name for Kyuhyun didn't go unnoticed by Yesung and Ryeowook. They both stared at Kyuhyun wondering how and when he and Siwon had become so close. In Kyuhyun's defense, he was wondering the same thing, but that name. That ridiculous name. It had to go. Kyuhyun wasn't used to being treated so cutesy like. The perpetual frown on his face and his height gave most people the impression that he was older. The only people who treated him like a baby were his mom and older sister...but they didn't count. Not even Yesung hyung called him by that sappy name. Therefore, Kyuhyun refused to be called by it anymore. He would put a stop to it right now.

Hyung! My name is Kyuhyun. You can shorten it to Kyu, but not Kyunnie. That's a baby's name, not mine. I'm 12!” shouted the irritated boy.

Kyu-ah!” Shouted Yesung, scandalized. “Siwon-ssi is your elder and senior, show him more respect!”

Why? He's not showing me respect.” Kyuhyun shot back. His face turned sulky at the reprimand and his full-on pout was back on making him truly look like a big baby.

At the emerging of the pout, Siwon was completely endeared to it. He wasn't mad at Kyuhyun at all, but he wasn't going to go back on the name either, but before he could say anything, a mini-battle between Yesung and Kyuhyun was going down with poor Ryeowook in the middle trying to tame the tempers.

Yah! You brat, he's older than you and so am I. Don't raise your voice at us!”

Ahh..sorry Yesung hyung, sometimes I forget that even though you're shorter than me, you're still the hyung.”

At that last statement, Yesung lunged to swipe at Kyuhyun's head, Ryeowook (unsuccessfully) tried to bodily separate them with his tiny frame, and Kyuhyun smirked and leaned back out of Yesung's reach.

Meanwhile, Siwon was shocked to see this side of Kyuhyun. The indignation was cute, but this cheeky and rude side was something else. Siwon didn't know what to make of it, but then realized that this kid was really interesting. How could such disrespectful words come out of such an adorable face? He was seriously being yelled at, an event that had never really happened to him before. All of a sudden he started laughing so hard that he was bent over. This reaction caused Ryeowook to stop blocking the attacks, Kyuhyun to stop and stare oddly at the laughing senior (there's the dimples) and Yesung to finally get a successful hit on Kyuhyun.

Siwon wasn't aware how odd he was coming off to the other occupants in the room, but finally stopped laughing. When he was able to straighten out and look at the others, he had a huge grin on his face. “Sorry Yesung-ssi, I really don't mind Kyunnie's words. It just shows how close we are that he's so comfortable.”

'Comfortable?' Thought the other boys unanimously. Taking up the chance to continue the peace and to prolong the fighting from before, Ryeowook took the chance to ask Siwon a simple question,

So, why are you here? What do you need?”

Yesung seriously wanted to run his head into the wall. How is that he was surrounded by the two most rudest dongsaengs in the world. Really, where did these two kids come from? Were they even Korean? To not offend the “Prince” as many of the girls in school called Siwon, he tried laughing it off and asked nicely, this time, if Siwon needed anything in the most politest way possible. When Siwon smiled and said he had just wanted to hear them sing, Yesung was filled with relief. He was going to have an earnest conversation with the two brats and teach them a few things, but his goal now was to get Siwon out of there before the idiots actually succeeded in upsetting the Prince.

With a glare to the brats to keep them quiet, he turned his charming looks onto Siwon and asked him what he would like to hear. Luckily for Yesung, Siwon didn't see the glare towards his Kyunnie and said boy also had to go.

I'm sorry, I was just going to stop by really quick to see if you were singing.”

No, we're sorry, Siwon-ssi. We had just walked in the door when you showed up. Maybe next time.” Yesung suggested, charm and charisma pouring out of his voice. His oily voice sounded like a used car salesman's to Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, but they kept quiet cause they knew they had overstepped themselves.

It's okay, I got to see something really interesting today, so it's fine. I'll be leaving now.” Siwon stated as he turned around and left. There was more to his favorite (he just decided this) dongsaeng than he thought and it made him happy. Siwon couldn't wait to see what he would learn next.


Junior High AU Part I

Title: Junior High AU Pt. I
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook
Disclaimer: They aren't mine.
Summary:  Siwon and Kyuhyun's encounters in Junior High.
Word count: 850

* This story is portrayed in an AU setting.  I'm not overly familiar with Korean school settings, so don't worry to much about the structure. :D  Also, this will be told in 3 or 4 parts*

The first time Siwon saw Kyuhyun, he was 14 and Kyuhyun was 12. 

Actually, he didn't see Kyuhyun as much as hear him at first.  He was walking to his club activity when he heard the most beautiful sounds coming out of the choir room.  He paused in the hallway to listen to the song, a ballad he had heard on the radio, sung by a voice that was angelic and soulful all at once. 

As he got to the door of the choir room, he saw three boys.  One of the boys was a 3rd year like him named Jongwoon, but went by his nickname, Yesung.  They didn't really talk much, having different friends and hobbies, but he had homeroom with him last year.  The other two boys Siwon had never seen before.  The one at the piano was very tiny and thin, with dark brown hair and sharp features.  The other boy, the one whose voice had entranced Siwon, was the pianist's opposite.  He was tall and very pale, with round pink cheeks and and cute pouty lips that he pursed when singing certain notes.  He had light brown hair that looked very fluffy and framed his face is soft waves.  None of the three boys noticed Siwon at the doorway until the song ended and Siwon started clapping.

"Great job!  You guys are really good!"

The group of boys swung around to look at their visitor with shocked expressions.  Yesung recovered the fastest when he recognized who was walking in the room.  He knew of Siwon of course, as he was the most popular boy in school, but didn't think Siwon would be interested in these kind of things.

"Ah!  Siwon-ssi..what are you doing here?  Don't you have club activities right now?" he asked as he walked over to the tall boy entering the room.

"Yes, I was on my way to the dojang when I heard the music."  Siwon nodded then turned to the two boys he didn't know and bowed and introduced himself.  "Hello, I'm Choi Siwon, a 3rd year like Yesung-ssi.  Nice to meet you! You both are really good."

The two boys got over their shock from earlier and bowed back.  The pianist introduced himself first after a nod from Yesung,

"Hello, I'm Kim Ryeowook a first year student, nice to meet you," he said in a high pitch voice that shook a little.  His nervousness wasn't unfounded.  Choi Siwon was a name that was quite popular in school for numerous of reasons.  The older boy was from a wealthy family, Class President and the President of the Taekwondo Club to name just a few.  Because of these attributes, there wasn't a person in the school who didn't know who Siwon was and wasn't a little intimidated by it.  The third boy lastly introduced himself,

"Hello, I'm Cho Kyuhyun a first year student with Ryeowook-ssi, nice to meet you."

The voice was deeper than Ryeowook's and had a pleasant ring to it.  Siwon was shocked that such a voice could come from one so young, but before he could keep thinking on it,  Yesung started talking again.

"I found these two a few months ago practicing in here so now we meet up when we can and just sing songs and such.  I hope that will be okay.  We don't interfere with anybody else and always make sure the room isn't being used first.." he started babbling, worried that they would be scolded.

"It's okay!  It's okay! I was just curious.  As long as it isn't interfering with a club activity, I won't say anything!" Siwon interrupted with a laugh.  The other boys chuckled along when they realized they weren't going to be in trouble with the Class President.  His facial expressions and hand gestures were pretty funny too on such a handsome person.  "Mostly, I was just surprised.  I didn't realize we had students who were that good at singing."

"Well..we just do it for fun..right guys?" Yesung responded while looking at the two first years.

The two boys were still a little intimidated by Siwon so they just nodded respectively.  Siwon smiled as he realized that he might be making the younger two uncomfortable with his praise, so he praised them one more time anyway and said his goodbyes.  He had club activities to get to anyway and hopefully this wouldn't be the last time he heard them sing or to see the young vocalist.

Like I said, there are a few more parts, they aren't long, but together they are, so I decided to split them up.^^  Let me know what you think so far. :D

Oct. 14th, 2012

butterfly, fractal

(no subject)

Hola. Just posting, that I'm not really a writer, so I won't be posting. I do like to read stories and for some reason for work or school I need this account. Not trying to be rude, just truthful. ^^
butterfly, fractal

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